Sunday, February 21, 2010

Requirements for Individual Presentations

Portrait of Knoxville College Glee Club, ca. 1880s.

Regarding the requirements for the presentations--the objective of the assignment is to present the work in such a way as to heighten the class’s interest in learning more about the author or the topic presented in the text. I mentioned the guidelines in class numerous times, and I posted them on the course blog. Several of you lost 2 points of credit for not completing the assignment as instructed. Here are the instructions again:
Please provide a one-page handout containing the title of the speech and its author, along with one or two passages which exemplify the major theme of the piece. This handout should include at least 3 educational/scholarly links  to more information about the author (such as an online bibliography, collected works, etc.).
You must provide a brief overview of the piece, as well as some analysis as to why you think the work is of continuing literary/historic value.

If you send it to me in advance (by 12:00 NOON the day of your presentation), I will make copies for the class so that you don't have to spend money on copies. Do NOT print out or send the speech--all the students in the class have access to the original speech online. Just send the one-page handout as a Word Document.

If you choose NOT to provide the handout, you will automatically lose 2 points, so you will only be eligible to earn up to 8 of the 10 points--the choice is yours.

Class will begin with the delivery of the presentations, so come to class on time.

*There will be no make-up allowed for this presentation, which is worth 10 points.*


Prof. Williams  

P.S. Please spare me stories of technical difficulties--you all have plenty of time to get this done--thanks!


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