Sunday, March 28, 2010

Group Presentations on Minion, by L.A. Banks

 Damali Richards, the Vampire Huntress. Illustration by Eric Battle.

Click here for a link to the Vampire Huntress series website, where you can learn more about the characters: Characters from the Vampire Huntress Series

Per the posted group presentation project guidelines, each group should be “divvying” up the work in terms of assigning group members to particular aspects of the project (researching and selecting thematic links to other works, passages of significance, overall design, image research, content and caption writing, selections for the Works Cited slide, group credits, etc.). The final PowerPoint presentation must be emailed to me by Monday, 4/19. Here are the groups for the PowerPoint presentations.

Group 1 – Alienation and Community
Keyonna Hill
Pamela Hunter
Michelle Johnson
Quadriyyah Shakoor
Zandra Thomas

Group 2 – Education and Intellectualism
Taquanah Anderson
Aaron Bailey
Bianca Dasne
Janere Davis
Joseph White

Group 3 – Faith and Religion
Melisa Gonzalez
Marteena Lisle
Amatullah Safir
Charlee Thompson
Ancin White

Group 4 – Gender and Sexuality
Amirah Hillman
Michelle Ruiz-Taylor
Alicia Stephens
Curline Stewart
Quiana Warner

Group 5 – Justice and Injustice
Jeff Desroches
Cecily Hillman’
Teri Hills
Sonia Saenz
Connie Smith

Group 6 – Radicalism and Rebellion
Annzhinga Bailey
Allyssa Bell
Darnell Huggins
Jon Olson


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