Monday, January 25, 2010

Readings for 1/26 and 1/28: Loguen, Truth, Harper, and Douglass

Hi, class,

For tomorrow, we will work on Jermain Loguen, Sojourner Truth (Web), and the Frances E. W. Harper pieces I handed out.

If we have time, we will begin our discussion of Douglass during the second half of the class, and we will continue with Douglass on Thursday.

Jermain Loguen
 Loguen "I Won't Obey the Fugitive Slave Law"

Sojourner Truth
Truth "Arn't I a Woman?"

Frances E.W. Harper (I gave handouts--but here is a link to her short story, "The Two Offers")
"The Two Offers"

 Douglass (I will bring in selection from "Claims of the Negro, Ethnologically Considered" tomorrow)

"What, to the Slave, is the Fourth of July?"

Please read the pieces and be ready to comment on a section that you find of particular significance--pay attention to diction, language, tone, and theme.

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